What have people asked for / buying their babies for their first birthday? I was thinking of asking the in laws for a toddler tower thing for the kitchen but not sure what else!
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Books, clothes, magnetic scribble pad, horse on a stick (got from charity shop, my LG cried when I took it off her), ride on bike, stacking and nesting tower, barn with animals, water table (can be half water/half sand, full sand or full water), another ride on bike (I got her a bluey one, my aunt got her a bumble bee one), soothing sounds unicorn with songs and lights and a little clip book, a plate and bowl (this was perfect to leave at my mums as we don't have any for her there), she got a pair of shoes from H&M as well. A majority were clothes but they're cute sets etc that can also be mixed and matched and she's worn a lot of them so far, shes not fully in 12-18 either so she's getting good use out of them

We had books, clothes, bath toys, stacking game puzzle, wooden peg puzzles, wooden activity box with abacus thing, scuttle bug, ride along/walker car, a push along car we push, llama hopper We got him a bag for nursery, bath toy, trike and stacking rings :)

Books inc sound ones, wooden train, wooden camper van, a wooden music table, a VTech dog, a small table and chairs, a scuttlebug, a baby swing (she loves it!!!) a Little Tikes Car (with floor in) Bluey weeble toys, Night Garden teddies, ball pit.

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