PND and sertraline

Did it help with feeling overwhelmed and crying?
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Hi yes it did. Tbh it kind of made me feel like I didn’t feel anything. It was a strange feeling xx

Any medications prescribed for mental health will zone you out and make you not give a fuck. Believe me, I spent nearly 15 years on all sorts of them. You're better off eating well, going for a walk every day and limiting your social media useage :)

They helped me, everyone told me not to go on them but I did & personally really helped x

I was on sertraline before I got pregnant, it's harsh. You feel ten times worse before you feel any better for weeks. You don't feel anything, it just numbs you

I take 200mg of Sertraline per day and it has helped me - I was on it before I was pregnant and my dose increased twice (once during pregnancy, once postpartum ). I still get overwhelmed and I still cry but for me, it allows me to function and be as good a parent as I can be. I still feel everything - happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, excitement - and feel I experience them at a “normal” level. Everyone is different though!

I was on 50 mg Sertraline for 4 months now. It was a game changer in the beginning, no ruminating thoughts, no tiredness, I was full of energy as before, and then I started to have "bad days" when it felt as if the pills were not working. Now the thoughts and low mood are back. I have asked for a med review.

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