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My 6 month old has decided to become a gymnast & throw some serious moves when laid on her back, making nappy changes an ordeal 😂 it’s taking like 10 attempts to get the nappy on right & this mama is TIRED! Any advice appreciated lol
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I have the same and think I’m gonna try using pull ups as it should be less battle! They do from size 3 in pampers.

Not us, but my sister in law switched to pull ups around this age with her son as he wouldn’t keep still. Think they start doing pull ups from size 4 from what I’ve seen!

Deep breaths and perseverance😂 I find pull ups even harder with my wriggly boy, struggle getting both feet in to start pulling it up!!

I sometimes give him a toy which helps x

Pull ups are the way to go if you can get their feet in quick enough 🤣 but you can also get them on when they sit on your lap if you can’t get their feet in with them lay down, they are so much easier with a wriggler x

Change on the floor, leg over their tummy so they can't roll/wriggle away.

@Dillon I do this too, or if no toy handy I give her socks or whatever is nearby and it works so far 😂

Thanks everyone. I have tried toys, but she still does mad pelvic thrusts 😂 the pull ups may be a good shout!

My baby rolls around for nappy changes too, not interested in toys but will get distracted and stay put if I give her an empty wetwipe packet so that's my go - to at the moment! 😂

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