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My little girl is suuuuper congested, the calpol plug in always helps her when I put it on in the living room throughout the day. Her room is the box room of our house, would it be ok to leave it plugged in all night whilst she’s sleeping? Poor little thing really struggles at night time. I have the usual snuffle babe rub and bubble bath, snot sucker etc. just wondered if anyone had tried this and it had helped further x
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I don’t use the plug in but just a diffuser with olbas in for his room, it really helps him. The same thing really xx

@Amelia oh so just like an electric diffuser and add your own olbas?That’s a really good idea actually! I’ll try the plug in tonight as I don’t have any olbas but I prefer that idea! I just didn’t know how she’d be breathing it in all night but it really helps her x

I can only use it at night because we have a dog, it’s fine to leave it on overnight

Yes we used all night but I like olbas oil on a tissue near by x

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