Hello everyone, I currently have a one year old and haven’t really been trying for a baby but my partner has been asking to try for a long time. Do you think this clear blue test is positive? As I know they can sometimes be a bit awkward. I’m absolutely 💩 myself right now as I don’t know how I’m going to cope. Had anyone fell pregnant and has a one year old? Help!!! I am 6 days late
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Line looks a bit thin to me..I got this with clear blue and it wasn’t correct. If you’re six days late I’d retest with a red dye test, or digital.

@Kiyanna yeah that’s what I was thinking. Apparently clear blue is really bad. Going to try with the pink dye test soon

My clear blue test looked pretty much identical to that and it was positive, very early though - about 4 weeks. The digital test said not pregnant at that point.

I’ve had results like this and not been pregnant/ it’s been an evap line

@Becca Yeah I know what you mean. I can understand why people can’t rely on the clear blue ones because to someone who didn’t really know much about the tests they would probably think it’s positive straight away. But I’m going to take a pink dye one and see how it goes. Also how are you feeling about having two under two? ☺️ I bet it’s scary but amazing at the same time. My fear is that I won’t be able to cope tbh

@Georgia Oh really wow congratulations! And yeah I feel like it’s really confusing as I don’t know why an evap line would be blue? Surely they are grey? Surely it has to pick up some sort of hormone to be a line down the middle? It’s so CONFUSING!😆❤️

@Georgia I private messaged you!💕

Clearblue was pretty accurate but first response was always the best! Very excited to have two close together, I always wanted 2 under 2. Thankfully we’re very lucky that my son is really well behaved and easy and my fiancé gets a month of paternity leave. I’m sure it’s going to be challenging but we will get through it ☺️

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