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Hi, I’m just looking for advice really. I’m unfortunately a single mum after my fiancé of 8 years upped and left me and my little man and I’ll be honest I’m struggling. I’m back at work and tonight I was so tired I cooked a cottage pie ready meal and my 9 month old boy had some for his tea. He absolutely loved it but now I’m feeling terrible as I don’t think he should be having ready meals? I see other mums cooking everything from scratch but I just don’t have the time as I’m working full time to pay all the bills I’ve been left with😢
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Sorry to hear this. Hope your ok I think you have to be careful of the salt content in foods like that… but I’m sure it’s ok for a once off.. maybe try and do a day where you batch cook for the week. If you done one big shepherds pie and froze it in portions you could probably get 4 dinners from it for you and baby? X

Really sorry that you are struggling. Have you got a slow cooker? I make large batches of food in there and then freeze portions. It really helps me

You’re super mum for even managing to give your little one dinner when you’re making it work all on your own. My little boy has Ella’s kitchen meals for most lunches and dinners because we eat a lot of ready meals and takeaway and don’t want to feed little one all the sugar, salt and preservatives in them. I try to get a little finger food in there when I can like carrot sticks, banana, egg, or even just a couple of rice crackers. What you hear isn’t reality, a lot of us struggle with time and energy, while we might talk about a meal we made, there are plenty of ready meals and pouches we don’t want to gloat about!

Do not feel terrible at all. Your baby is loved and your baby is fed, that is all that matters! Write a list of what meals you want to make, do research as you easiest ways to make them and take it one day at a time! You can look into easy snacky stuff for baby like ready made puff pastry pinwheels with all different fillings inside and you can freeze them and defrost as and when! Just be kind to yourself 🥰

You are a strong mum for looking after your LO on your own. Dont feel bad about a couple of microwave meals (you only specified one but it will happen every now and then). The important part is your LO is fed and loved. 💜 For batch cooking this is generally done on days off, so you have time to do a whole bunch of stuff e.g. bolognaise, cottage pie, curry etc. You can also prep snacks as others have said above and store them in the fridge. My LO loves watching me cook and getting all the tidbits I give him. Hopefully your LO will be equally as interested in it so its not stressful 😊

I’m glad people are mostly saying the same thing because please don’t feel bad. You’re doing an amazing job and the main thing is your baby is fed, looked after and loved and they clearly have all those things. I would also recommend Ella’s kitchen and there are some other makes and supermarket own that are more reasonably priced. I always keep some in the fridge and freezer in case I don’t have time or energy after work too.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, I’m sure we’ve all given our LO’s things we technically shouldn’t 🫣 I second the slow cooker comment. They’re honestly amazing. Could put everything in it in the morning, can be left on for up to 8 hours whilst you’re out the house all ready for when you’re home xx

As long as your son is looked after and well care for that all that matters , I try to give my daughter fresh but sometimes I get busy so have to give her a ready meal doesn’t mean I’m any less of a good mum I’m still making sure she’s eating when she’s meant to x

My girl is obsessed with ellas kitchen ready meals, I'm greeted she'll eat it and we've had weight issues so a couple times a week she gets an ellas kitchen ready meal 🩷

Fed is best 👌🏼 cottage pie is better than crappy fast food. Aldi do organic baby food at a great price if you're able to stock up on some as we all definitely have days where we cba cooking, I definitely do x

I’m so sorry! You are doing so well looking after your baby on your own! Your baby went to bed fed and that’s the most important thing, sometime life gets in the way of the “perfect” food set up. Where about are you based?

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