How long does it take you to feed to sleep?

I feed baby to sleep at night and it generally takes about an hour or sometimes longer before she’s fully asleep and I can put her down in her cot (feeds don’t last this long in the daytime). Is anyone else experiencing the same? Any tips on how to make this quicker?
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yes! this is what i’m working on at the moment just getting her off the boob after 20 mins or so! it’s worked tonight but doesnt every night, once i notice her flutter sucks i unlatch her but hold her close and shush/rock her. like i say it doesn’t work all the time but has worked tonight! (for now)

@Sara thanks I might give this a go tomorrow night! Does your baby then sleep through or does she have wake ups? Sometimes mine will wake up after an hour or so and then I feed back to sleep again (she’ll then usually sleep through), it’s difficult not offering the boob incase she is genuinely hungry!

@Leanne it’s worth a go! oh god no i wish she slept through, she still wakes around 2/3 times! she’s really gassy though and that wakes her up. the longest she’s ever slept in one go was 6.5 hours, that happened once and is now a long distant memory 😂

Fully in the same boat! We always feed to sleep - used to be cluster feeding all evening but now max an hour id say but sometimes a wake up not long after going down with 1/2 feeds in the night since the 4 month sleep regression came early!

I was wondering this! My 8month old still likes an hour long boob session at bedtime. He's a very quick feeder in the day but that night time feed is looooooong

Don’t know if age makes a difference but it doesn’t usually take more than 10minutes for my 6 month old but he doesn’t have a set bed time and I wait till he is properly tired before taking him up. If it takes any longer than that we get up again and go read some books or something and then try again a bit later

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