Can I put my little ones calpol into a small amount of breast milk? She’s vomiting every time I give it to her orally, she’s having laxatives in her milk because that was making her vomit too. I can’t find anything online to say whether it’s okay or not
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It’s fine it all gets mixed up in their bellies anyway but she might no drink it if she doesn’t like the taste. I just put it in a small amount of cooked boiled water as it was too thick for her to swallow x

they say you can mix as long as its all getting consumed, how old is she x

@S’Xo she’s 2 months old… so still very young. Hence why I’m wanting to mix with her milk :)

Any time I have any meds to my girl her spit ups became more explosive and sudden and her poop became diarrhea. It’s a side effect that can happen from time to time. As long as all the meds are being consumed for the dose there shouldn’t be any issues

@Gillian I doubt my little one is getting much. She’s vomiting straight after she has each dose… I’m going to get back in touch with my GP

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