Breeder gave cat human food

I have a 5 month old maincoon who is lovely, but there is one issue. We THINK the breeder used to give him human food probably from her plate as whenever we eat he is relentless in trying to get to our food-he’s like an untrained dog! We have had cats before and never known anything like it. We know she would get meat scraps from the local pub to give to the kittens on a plate which is why we suspect she also gave them other bits of food from her plate. He is already huge at 5 months and it is becoming a real problem! He will leap to literally get to our plates. Any tips on how to get him to cut it out?!
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Id keep him in a separate room or crate whilst you eat. Treat him the same as a dog. Absolutely gorgeous cat btw and I'm a tad jealous x

Could try and feed her at the same time, give her a treat in her bowl to distract her, that works with mine. Or keep a water spray bottle on the table to deter her. Or keep her out the room

Spray bottle of water on hand.

He might just be a greedy cat! My cat is like this and i got him from a rescue centre at 9 weeks old so he hadn’t been fed human food. I second the water spray x

I would try feeding your cat at the same time as you eat, if that fails you could try removing them from the room whilst you eat. Do not use a spray bottle! Worst thing you can do is introduce water punishment, it will ruin your relationship with your cat and won’t deter them from trying to get at your food. X

Aww 🥰 gawjus cat , them breeds do grow very big , sounds about right lol my 2 british blue cats sits at my feet when i eat its my own fault really as i use to feed them chicken bits if i had chicken they even no the word chicken they come running lol, my partner told me of to stop as now when we eat they just sit there waiting xx

It doesn’t mean they were definitely fed from plates. When I brought my kitten home he was exactly the same, he would jump and put his face in our plates instantly, we had to guard our plates and never leave any unattended and he was definitely never fed from a humans plate. Like a main coon, mines an intelligent breed so it’s just curiosity more than anything. It feels like it will never pass at the beginning but just keep saying no and putting them back down every single time, you will feel like they aren’t ever going to get it but they eventually do if you are consistent. Mine can sit on my lap whilst I eat now, he’s only ever bothered if it’s roast chicken 😂

What do you feed him? We have a 2 year old mainecoon and she used to do this as a kitten but doesn't now and she was never fed from our plates or breeders. Could he need more food throughout the day to keep him full? He doesnt look huge? Ours came to us at 2.8kg and is over 8kg now x

Be persistent, the kitten will learn :) when I went to the breeders home to meet the kitten they were all in a special room and had no access to the house. Maine Coones are like dogs and very close to their owners, and it probably doesn't know anything else apart from when there is food it is for her as in her special room it was always for her. The first months with my boy were very clingy, now he is a 8.7kg cuddle buddy who leaves us alone at food times.

I have a 4 year old Maine Coon who is very interested in our food- I think it’s the breed tbh- they’re GREEDY!!! We’ve tried everything but he still tries every time- I think the best thing we’ve found is to feed him his food at the same time as us. But really I do think they’re just interested, sometimes he just wants to smell it then he’ll sit there and just watch us happily🤣

@Annabel we have always had maincoons and they have never been interested in our food until we got Maverick (our 5 month old). He will try to pounce on our plates! At the moment we have to shut him out when we eat but that isn’t always practical

@Kayleigh oh wow that really surprises me- now I can’t blame the breed for his behaviour 🤣🫣

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