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Anyone in Washington area want to arrange meet ups etc? I have a 2 year old little boy and 1 year old little girl 🥰
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I'm not from Washy I'm from Chester le street tho and have a nearly 9 month old ! I'm down for friends if u r x

I live in Washington and my little girl is 2 I'm up for meet ups x

Hey!! I’m washy! I mean my kid is a little younger and only 3 months. But would love more mum friends!!!

Hiya! I'm in lambton, my little girl is just about to turn 1 and I'd love to make some Mam friends!! 🥰

I’m pregnant due in Feb would love a mum friend xxx

I’m Seaham but can travel to Washington, I’ve got a boy 7mo old… always happy to make some new mam friends ☺️xx

Hi, I'm houghton but I drive so can travel. I love meeting new people for my little one she turned 2 in November. We like going to it's a small world in Washington so was gutted when it shut down but I know the leisure centre has soft play and there's plenty of parks which my little one loves going to 😊

I am not far from Washington, Chester le street with an 8 year old and 3 month old would love to meet up x

I’m Sunderland but up for this also xx

Heey I live in Washington, my little girls is 10 month next week and we would love this!☺️

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