I’ve tried breastfeeding on and off for a month and honestly -10000/10 but I really want to give it a good shot before I completely give up . I’ve had nipple thrush, cracked nipples the whole lot and had my latch checked and seems fine but idk what I’m doing wrong . Baby is used to bottles and how fast milk comes through so when I feed him on the breast let’s just say it’s WAR 😭 my poor boobies have suffered! he pulls it like it’s a piece of gum . I’m going to try pumping the breast but is there anything else I can do ?
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Seeing a lactation consultant (IBCLC) might be your best bet, even though it will cost you initially, but formula is expensive and you’ll end up spending more in the long run if you formula feed. Not too mention all the health benefits for baby and you. I kept being told everything was fine by NHS infant feeding team, then saw an IBCLC privately and she solved my problems. Highly recommend.

Also totally worth joining Breastfeeding and Lactation Support UK, or LLLI breastfeeding support groups on Facebook

For the nipple damage I found silver cups to be a life saver. You express a bit of breast milk in them and they do wonders for healing. Koala Babycare Silver Nipple Shields NickelFree - Silver Cups Breastfeeding for Nursing Newborn - Protect and Soothe your Nursing Nipples - Made in Italy - Medical Device Class 1 - Tri-laminate Silver

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