How do you make time to work out with a 10 month old ?
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Workout? What? You mean lifting the baby and carrying him around and doing gymnastics to get him to not alligator roll during diaper changes isn't enough? But seriously I just got pregnant and in the last 4 months have lost 5.5 lbs so that's what's working for me

I have to do it during babys nap

I utilize my local ymca’s child watch. Your allotted 2 hrs a day. We’ve made it a routine in the mornings we get up have breakfast and then go to the gym. It’s nice because by the time we get back home it’s nap time. Most having morning hours for child watch set from 830a - 12pm and 4pm-8pm. If I’m not in the mood to pack up the baby I’ll do a 30-45 min cardio or strength training session during one of babies naps. With the weather being nice walks on the track or trail is nice with kids.

I started to workout at the beginning of this month, and I do it at home with YouTube videos. I wake up at 7:30 am and I try to do one or two videos of 20 minutes or less, I don’t really do all of the exercises but I try to change them for things that feel easy , if the baby wakes up, I’ll sit him next to me or I’ll give him his bottle and have him next to me so he doesn’t cry and I still use my time to exercise, and I started with yoga videos on YouTube and slowly started to do cardio and then more, not everyday I feel like doing it but I try to at least do a yoga video so I feel better

I try to walk a mile a day pushing my boys in the stroller (all equals about 80 lbs) & do small structured workouts from home when I can with weights.

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