Withdrawing from college.

I'm a single mom of 2 toddlers. I have a decent paying job that pays $27 per hour, but it's not enough to support my household, and I hardly receive child support . I'm practically raising my kids by myself with just every once in a while help. I enrolled in college last year , and the first semester was a struggle , but the second semester has been brutal because with my kids I hardly have time to study, they are very active and it's just non- stop, it's hard to complete my homework because they do not want to go to bed at night unless I lay down with them and even then sometimes it takes a while for them to fall asleep. I'm so overwhelmed with my kids that it's affecting me mentally, so that makes it even harder to fully concentrate on school. Any suggestions because at the present moment, I don't feel like I can continue.
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Please hold on,i know it’s not easy maybe you should find extra hands to help with the kids

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