Empty sac?

Has anyone had an empty gestational sac at 5 weeks 3 days? Dr called and wants to do another ultrasound in a week. Im nervous because i was under the impression that its still too early. Has this happened to anyone and still had a viable pregnancy?
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I had an ultrasound today I’m around 5w5d and I’m going back in a week. Mine was too early but she didn’t say it was empty so 🤷‍♀️ Hopefully by then it’ll be visible and more developed

I didn’t know they can do that early ultrasounds?? I want my dr to do mine early!

@Kira thank you giving me a little hope!

@Raechel they normally dont! My hcg levels started off lower than normal but found that although low they still were doubling. I also had really sharp ovary pain so they were checking to see if it was ectopic!

I hope everything is ok!!!!

My doctor said that you can’t really see the baby until your HCG levels reach about 7500. The heartbeat will be visible around 20.000 but can be detected as early as your HCG levels measure 10.000. It was definitely just too early 🩷 the reason your obgyn usually schedules these first visits so late (7 weeks or later) is because in some cases they can’t see the baby until 6.5 or 7 weeks 😊 Please don‘t worry. Stress does more harm than good. You‘ll be fine ✨🤞🏼🙏🏽🩷🍀

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