Why is it the second I start breast feeding I immediately get thirsty but only for water. Even if I was hungry the only thing I want is water? 😫
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I get this! Feels like I'm in the Sahara and my mouth is full of sand. The day my son was born I must have drank about 5 litres of water 🌊🤣

I used to drink soooo much water when I was breastfeeding! Life saver for me was a huge Stanley cup with ice and water stayed freezing for forever too so using it in the nights was amazing. Think about how much liquid your body needs anyway, and then how much it needs to also produce loads of breastmilk!

Listen to your body girlfriend You should be getting 2 L of water per day Not only for the milk, but also because your body is trying to get back to its pre- pregnancy state

@Molly how many oz/liters is your Stanley?

It wasn’t an official Stanley! But it did exactly the same job and in my opinion had a nicer straw! I got mine from TKmax for around £16 I think! And as far as I’m aware it is 2litres!

Your body releases serotonin when you breastfeed, triggering your thirst. It’s your body’s way of pushing you to replenish so you can produce more milk 🥰

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