That early pregnancy loneliness

Found out this week I am pregnant with my second. My first is also a feb baby (28 months) and it looks like the due date for this pregnancy will be a couple of days after his birthday! 😐 It doesn’t feel real yet and I don’t have any symptoms apart from feeling ravenously hungry which is a new one as with my first pregnancy I had food aversions and barely any appetite for the first two trimesters. Early pregnancy is so lonely, I remember it being with my first too. Don’t feel comfortable to share the news with others yet hence posting incognito but I do know from last time it does feel more real and more exciting once you share the news.
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I can relate!! I’m dying to even just tell my mum 🙈 I have a toddler who’s 2.5 born Christmas Eve 21! I can’t believe how early I’ve found out this time. I keep not thinking it’s real myself! How far along are you?

My son will be 3 on February 4th and that's when I'm due this baby! We already told all our immediate family because if I was to lose the baby I would tell them anyway because we are close so that's definitely helped. Does your partner know yet? The first couple of weeks when I found out he was a great support and we talked about it a lot which helped the loneliness. I also can't stop eating despite being sick and having food aversion with my son

Can totally relate! Found out we are expecting our second a few days ago (our first will be just shy of 2 by the time baby is here). It’s super early and we had a chemical pregnancy a couple of months ago so we want to wait a bit before sharing the news, particularly with family (who will be so so excited). I have some super close friends I would love to share the news with in the meantime but they are each going through their own TTC journeys (with difficulties) so it doesn’t feel like the right time to talk to them about it either. So very much in the same boat!

@Rosie similar to you, this baby is due when my first turns 2. My first is a January baby but I’ll be having this one early due to medical history. It’s really tricky with news like this when close friends are TTC. Mine were too. My best friend since high school couldn’t handle it and she has never met my son as a result. I got some backlash from another friend too. I’m in my 40s so while I understand her pain, I waited a really long time to become a mother. What I will advise with your friends is giving the news via text when you’re ready so that they can process their emotions in private. My friend had a breakdown in front of me and later told me it was the wrong way to tell her. She said I should have text her. I’ve since read that this is generally the preferred delivery method of such news. I wasn’t popping the champagne when I told her or anything. I told her quietly and sensitively. Sadly she couldn’t get past it.

@Lesley Thank you for sharing, that sounds like a really tough experience. It’s so bittersweet, especially when we want nothing more than for them to be able to have a child of their own too. I think texting is a good suggestion as it allows processing time like you say. I think I’ll wait till we’re further along as well. Congratulations on your pregnancy and thanks again ☺️

@Rosie thank you, congratulations to you too. And you’re right, I want nothing more than for her to be a mum and the last thing I wanted to do was make her pain worse. To be honest, I think the relationship was always going to end, regardless of how I have her the news, but I still regret that I told her in person in hindsight. I’m sure my situation is more rare but wanted to share my experience so that you can consider how and when you’d like to break the news in the best way x

I can totally get you, I have choosen not to keep it a secret well not from those closest to me because well I look like I’ve piled weight on already 😂 but I can’t wait for everyone to know as it will just be easier as I’m a business owner etc

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