Fussy baby maybe Teething

Any help on teething remedies @ home? I don’t like using gel or oral gel on his gums. He does love his popsicles I’ve made him and calms him for the most part 20min but then is fussy throughout the whole day nothing else is wrong he is a healthy happy baby. 8 months old and has four bottom and four top teeth already, maybe they’re just growing more? I just don’t know what else to do to help him 😭
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Can you show the popsicle recipe to prepare for mine 😅

Infant Motrin is fabulous for teething. I didn’t want to use it but when I gave in she went from miserable all day and night to happy day and good sleep. Also breast milk popsicles and a vibration teething toy also helped my LO a lot. The vibrated disrupts the pain signals!

@Em I have given him infant Motrin! And done everything I could being honest jaut didn’t want to give him anything more. He seems to have everything his vibrating toy I bought recently some octopus one haha. And my wife didn’t breastfed the baby didn’t enjoy it and kept bringing it back up we just had him on formula ever since. So no breast milk for popsicles :(

@Mel yes I would love to share it! I wish I could post a video haha! But all I did was blend one cucumber, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup coconut water, and a pinch of sugar that is up to you I know everyone will have their concerns but literally a pinch to give it a little sweetness because the coconut water does have some sweetness to it. And I poured it into some baby popsicle molds I bought from my job at dollar tree and he loves eating them!!! I’ve also made a bananas and apple one, strawberry and kiwi.

Chamomile medicines, reg pain meds, chewy teethers , and alcohol for you lol

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