Crying overnight randomly

My son is almost 5.5 months old. I think he is going through a growth spurt as he woke up overnight around 2AM crying one night and we fed him. The last few days he’s been waking up multiple times overnight just crying and my husband and I would wake up consistently and constantly to pat him back to sleep. Our sleep is being interrupted more so now. Not sure what is going on…anyone experiencing this? Is he not comfortable? We would move him to sleep on his sides and he’s just moving around a lot. He woke up today sleeping on his tummy. He still co-sleeps with us.
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It might be a sleep regression, he’s learning something new. My baby will be 6 months next week and has also had disrupted sleep past few days.

Mine is going through this but she’s hungry. She eats more at night than during the day lol

My daughter is going through the same thing. Literally happened tonight. For awhile it was consistent I just kept holding her and telling her it’s okay and that she’s safe. We cosleep so I instantly wake up when I hear her. It doesn’t happen as often been a week but like I said it happened again. I had to call my bf to help soothe her. So he was on speaker phone talking to her while I warmed up a 2 ounce bottle of

@Harshpreet Oh my! He just had a sleep regression about 2 weeks ago I feel and now again? That’s okay! He’s growing!!!

@Kit Oh my! Baby girl is definitely growing huh? My son hasn’t been finishing his 5oz bottles either and getting back to drinking it all now. Hopefully she starts eating more during the day than at night! lol

@Rosemary McMurray Awwww im sure your bf’s voice soothed her! I know my son loves my husband! Babies are so funny in their own ways! My son slept for 10.5 hours last night and so I think he’s growing and learning a new skill! He started holding his bottle to eat! And he’s learning to respond to his name though he’s super distracted by everything else around him! lol

@Jenn oh she absolutely loves her daddy. It’s crazy she’ll be in a deep sleep and the moment he walks in she wakes up and sits up immediately and smiles at him. I’ve been calling her by her name since day one so she does know it. She may be turning 6 months here soon but I actually spell her name out for her as I have her clap her hands and she giggles. Babies have such a personally and watching them grow into their own person is the best feeling. She’s also teething which makes me so sad but so happy all at once.

My baby girl was like this too. It started when she started teething hard. We put teething gel on her gums before she sleeps and it helped

@Rosemary McMurray Awww! I love that your baby loves her daddy and I love that my son loves my husband! So much backlash from before that babies are always attached to their moms and not dads but dads do a lot too! Awww baby is teething! I think my son is too! Ekkk!

@Christine Makes sense if my son is teething! We don’t put our fingers in his mouth so we can’t see if teeth are coming in! He’s drooling a lot and last night — he couldn’t find a comforting spot to go back to sleep so he was tossing and turning like crazy ):

She could be fussy and the moment he walks in instant happiness. She has started reaching for him and me.

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