Does anyone have any advice/tips. Our daughter used to go bed everyone night between 8-8:30 and for a good 2 months now she just doesn’t want to go to sleep. Literally will scream if she is put in her bed. She’s going to bed 10 even sometimes 11 and literally it’s draining us 😫 she only has naps once a day or sometimes it’s split in to 2 depends on her really each day and how tired she is
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ahhh noo what time are her nap times xx

What time are her naps? And how log for? Perhaps try and set her nap from 12-1.30/2 as their bodies rhythm gets used to set sleep times and this helps signal that it’s time to sleep. You can then do bedtime at 7.30/8

My little boy was like this! He dropped a nap so goes 11 ish till 2:30 then bed at 7! Seems to be working well x

So she had one nap today mid day, got her to sleep just before 7 thought great woke up at 7:30 I’ve been trying over an hour now to get her back to sleep. Partner is now trying. Nothing seems to work😞

My daughter is doing this too just came on this app to see if I’m the only one naps during the day and I have her out all day after to burn the energy off her and she is so tired but the time it comes to go her room and sleep she goes mad don’t want to go, it’s only been the week it’s been like this as before she is a great sleeper would of asked to be taking to bed

@Kerry literally the same, was another 10 o clock bed time but it’s been like this about 2 months now I feel so burnt out 😫

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