My daughter is 2 and is going for an MRI scan next week due to having epilepsy, due to her age she has to be put to sleep for it and I am scared as never experienced anything like this before. Wondering if people have been through and can share there experiences to help me prepare for it please.
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Hey, oh it’s so worrying isn’t it! My little boy has just turned 2, and 2 months ago had an MRI under general anaesthetic of his head because it’s off the centile charts. Honestly for us it went really well, we got there around 0730am, seen by the nurses and checks done and then anaesthetic team came at 0830 and as he was the youngest we were taken straight down to mri. The nurses had already put on numbing cream on the ward before hand so when they put the cannula in for the anaesthetic he didn’t feel it, it’s scary watching them go under anaesthetic as they go under so quickly after the meds, scary for us but good for them as they don’t know anything as asleep! I then left the room and waited in the waiting room for about 30/40mins, they then called me into the recovery room where he was waking up, went back to the ward, he had a nap, sandwich and a banana and was playing in the playroom by 11am, they discharged us at 12 and he was just a bit sleepy rest of the day

Honestly I was terrified and worried and kept freaking out about him having it done but the process went so well and he was such a good boy and took everything in his stride It was like nothing had ever happened by the time it was over and he was back to being his usual self! I hope it all goes okay lovely and your little girl is okay, I know how scary it can be but always here if you wanna ask any questions ❤️

My little girl fractured her leg in Jan and had to be put to sleep at MRI for her cast to be put on. The Staff were excellent in explaining everything, keeping her calm and us. She had the mask put over her face and was upset but not screaming and struggling like I thought she would. Once asleep they rushed her away from us to start the procedure. Once finished the nurse took us back to see her in recovery. My daughter spent a little longer than usual in recovery, her heart was racing and oxygen dropping but she had a bad chest at the time. The Staff were great, talking us through everything and once Mt daughters obs returned to normal she was fine. Something I'll never forget and I did have a cry when I left her asleep but they really are in good hands and the staff are all amazing x

My little girl had an MRI before she turned one due to some issues with her neck. She was absolutely fine all in all! The staff were so good and soon as she woke up/started coming round they rang us straight away so we could go back down to be there when she woke. She was unsettled from coming round for a little bit but once she’d calmed down and had cuddles etc she was her usual self again. Definitely don’t stress yourself too much! I know it’s hard but the staff will be with you and super helpful I’m sure every step of the way xx

Thank you all so much I know she won't remember it or be affected by it I think it's more the thought of it that's scary. ❤️

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