My EBF baby was taking a bottle but suddenly he know screams and cries at the bottle and just wants to be breastfed off my boobie… any tips please
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Have you experimented with different teat sizes? Mine did this and turns out she had outgrown the teat size and the flow was now too slow as her sucking had improved.

@Annem so I tried a teat 3 but when he took the bottle he was dribbling it out so I changed to teat 2 but he doesn’t even latch or suck on the bottle to get any milk. I put it near his mouth and he starts screaming and crying

Try and preserver with the teat 3. I know sounds silly as the dribble can be insane, but they need to just learn the difference in flow. My LB is combi fed and my flow is slower than a bottle so then when moving him from teat 1 to 2 he dribbled loads but quickly after a few feeds just learnt the flow difference :)

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