White ulcers on tongue and extreme drooling

My 23 months old woke up with a 38 fever and an extreme drooling (worse than when she was a baby) it’s literally pouring out of her throat. She also has white ulcers on both sides of her tongue. Her speech is worse and I assume her tongue is sore. I am taking her to a gp first thing tomorrow morning. Has anyone come across smth like this before?
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Oh dear I’m so sorry your daughter is going through this, 100% feel like it’s Hand foot and mouth but only in her mouth. My daughter had this same thing a few months ago, absolutely awful, she had white ulcers in and around her mouth, gums, on her tongue and throat, throat was sore and so were her gums. Very painful for her too. Definitely See the GP asap. They will probably examine her and prescribe Throat spray and recommend Fluids, baby ibuprofen or Nurofen. Just keep up with the fluids, cold water, fruit smoothies, milk, because she might not want to eat much as the Ulcers hurt them A lot when Eating. I hope she gets a quick recovery 🥰

@Iqra 💝 thank you so much for your reply. And sorry to hear about your daughter too! Poor babies it is so horrible for them. Luckily mine is still eating loads and asking constantly for water. Like every few minutes she grabs her water bottle. I hope she gets better soon as it is truly heartbreaking to see her this way

Hand foot and mouth! My boy had the same, ashtons teething gel/bonjela took the edge off as we just rode through it with them and Calpol and nurofen, the pain should settle after 2-3 days x

@Alisha🌸 thanks Alisha! Can’t wait for it to get better

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