Unsettled at bedtime

Has anyone else’s LO been really unsettled after being put down for bed? My LG is a great sleeper (still sleeping through) but anywhere between 30 mins to 1 hour in to her nighttime sleep she does the most heartbreaking cry - nappy is fine, she’s had a bottle, been burped etc but shes just screaming and nothing will settle her unless I have her on me. She will then cry for about 5 minutes on me then next minute she’s zonked asleep. I can then transfer to crib and she will stay asleep. Not sure if it’s the regression, her teeth or separation anxiety? It’s horrible 😭😭
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My little boy is doing similar. He sometimes lets out a bug burp then goes back to sleep. More recently, no wind at all so think it’s definitely teeth

Sounds exactly like my lg at the moment! She’s on me right now from the same thing but it was after 2 hours tonight instead of 1 like last night. For mine it’s definitely the teeth, but also separation! Super clingy at the minute, will only contact nap during the day as well now which she’s not been doing since newborn 🥺

Yes !!! Not for the past few days but has done previous she used to be fine in the bath then as soon as we were drying changing she would cry until her bottle

Omg we’re having the exact same! She will wake literally 30-60 mins after being put to bed either hysterically crying or wide awake I end up having to put her in with me and then she will sleep all night!

Yup same. Its not every night but when it does happen it’s always exactly 1 hour after being put down and once settled he goes back to sleep no problem for another 3+ hours

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