Fathers Day

Hi ladies. What are you getting your partner for Father’s Day? My bf and I just had our baby 5/26 and I wondering what to get him for his first Father’s Day. Ideas??
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I stamped my babies foot as a gift on acrylic, made the feet into a small heart so it says I love daddy with her feet stamped

For his first father's day I got them matching shirts that said "our first father's day". I also had them do Profesional pics together and did a bbq for the family. Then I gave him his foot prints on a wallet as a gift.

Got him and baby matching Carhartt and under armour shirts/onesies

I got him a baseball cap because he loves them, I got him a puzzle piece decor that says "Dad, thank you for being such an important piece of my life. I Love you forever." I also got him a new phone case and screen protector.

A tool chest.

We don't really do gifts so I washed and detailed his truck

Maybe trace their hand in a Father’s Day card or use paint (but you might not wanna do that with them being sooo young)

For the first Father’s Day I got a personalised baby grow

I will be getting my bf the traditional “best dad” mug for his first Father’s Day as we always joked about it in the past, he will love it 😆

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