Anyone else's baby self wean already?

She turned 12m on the 21st. Had her 12m appointment on the 6th and her pediatrician said based of what I described that she self weaned 🥲 I am 23w pregnant with my second and didn't want to BF both babies at once but also kinda sad she weaned already 🥲 Now my real issue is getting her to drink milk cuz she won't drink ANY sort not even frozen BM and is not gaining weight, she gained 6oz between now and her 9m appointment 😮‍💨
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My baby hasn’t self weaned yet. We are in the process of weaning tho. But as far as giving her your pediatrician considered about her weight? If not then I wouldn’t worry about trying to push milk. They don’t technically NEED it. However, have you looked into Kiki milk? I give my daughter the “mac nut” flavor. It’s very nutrient dense! There’s not a bad ingredient in it it’s very “clean”. I’ve tried giving her the original flavor but she prefers the Mac nut. It’s a bit sweeter so I think it resembles the taste breast milk more. 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s sweetened with organic coconut sugar. it is a bit pricey but you can always find discount codes online.

@Mary yes she's concerned about her weight cuz she gained like nothing in over 3 months... She does a LOT though so kinda confusing so must be burning up those calories growing and running around. I tried every milk I could find in the stores near me, have never seen Kiki milk. It seems to be available in bulk on Amazon for 50$ but would be a huge waste if she didn't drink it 😅 I thought she didn't need it either cuz I mentioned she does eat whole fat Greek yogurt everyday, lots of cheeses, yogurt pasta sauces with cheese, i try to very heavily add it to her diet. She said milk is the best way for her to gain, and get all her calcium & vitamin d

@Favi if you buy direct from the website it’s cheaper and you can use a code I found online that usually saves 20%. And it’s also pretty good I drink it in my matcha lattes! So you could always drink it. But totally understand 😊 good luck either way everything 💕

@Favi There's chocolate and regular flavor

@Samantha you know what this gave me an idea, maybe she'll drink out of this type of box 🤔 Thanks! Hopefully she likes it 😵‍💫

My baby turned one on 31st. He's not weaned yet, but he's definitely getting there. He actually lost a little weight in-between his 9m and 12m appointment. The Dr said he wasn't too worried about it, just try and get some extra calories in him. He said (and I've heard this from other moms too) that sometimes babies can lose weight or slow down in their growth when they start moving a lot. So this might be why your little one isn't growing a ton:)

@Aria You see I'm confused cuz I told her doctor all this. She started walking around 9 months and DOES NOT STOP once she's up. My baby eats a LOT she's a HUGE eater. A normal meal for her is 1cup of pasta/rice etc, 1-2 oz of protein, 1/2cup of veg and 1/2 cup of fruit. She still said she needed milk. I'm a nurse and although I've never worked in peds, I think she's doing well overall? Especially with the yogurt, cheese and milk in her diet. I mean I know it's no where near where she would have if she had milk but 😮‍💨 I think she's partly worried too cuz she's already on the lower end of the growth curve BUT her dads side of the family is petite even the men. Personally, I think she's in a good place. I guess we'll see at her 15m appointment. Thanks for commenting cuz her walking is what I was thinking impacted her weight most

@Favi to me she sounds like she is doing great! I would maybe talk to a different doctor if you are still worried. My baby was also 6 weeks premature and he's always been smaller so if your daughter was early at all then that can impact her size as well. I honestly wouldn't worry too much since she's such a mover and an awesome eater:) She sounds wonderful and you are taking great care of her❤️

Mine doesn’t have an issue with milk, but is not a great eater. Her paediatrician suggested that whatever you give her, need to be calorie dense and I have been focusing on that. She is extremely active so I try giving her multiple small snacks/meals during the day that are calorie dense. Haven’t weighed her in recent but she definitely looks beer weight wise.

What about giving her yogurt or whole milk for the calcium?

@Carissa I told her pediatrician this cuz it's what I do now but she didn't seem to think it was enough

My baby self weaned at like 10 months 😭 I was so sad about it but she is on the go and moving all the time and hated having to stay still to nurse and prefers having a bottle she can hold and snack on as she pleases!

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