Mamas doing purees still, what are you making? I tried a chicken tray bake that we had for supper that had no salt added and little boy loved it. Need more ideas
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Mine loved my tuna pasta blended up

Ooh I'll try that thanks

My baby loves : -chicken curry ( the organix recipe) + rice . I added fresh coriander. We actually love this too and so does my toddler so fab only cooking one meal -lentil curry https://www.sneakyveg.com/one-pot-sweet-potato-lentil-and-coconut-curry/. I also added canned green lentils. Again we all love this so one meal.

- red pepper, white bean( eg butter bean) + sweet potato ( Roast pepper then put in container for 10 mins to make it easier getting skin off) Once cooked blend all + add orzo, other pasta or rice - bolegnese/ chilli - I make as normal for us and toddler but use low/ no salt stock cubes but blend for baby - roasted left over veg pasta sauce. Roast any veg ( great if wanting to not waste veg left from other stuff). I did a load of plump tomatoes, red onion, garlic, corgette, peppers, peeled carrotts + dried oregano+ dried basil. All veg roughly chopped and in the oven with drizzle oil + dry herbs for 20 mins 180degrees( put carrots in 10 mins prior), blended and served with pasta for us and orzo for baby. Xx

I also make a load and put individual portions in freezer. I have a few days of making meals when I can then make barely anything for weeks and just use freezer stuff 🙈

If baby still on puree and not rice etc the pasta stars you can get are really good to add slight texture xx

Sausage casserole! I used normal sausages, fried them with half an onion and then pre heated the oven at 180 (fan) and put tinned tomatoes mushrooms and red pepper in an oven proof dish and mixed with the sausages and onion I also added a pinch of dried sage, parsley and paprika. Cooked in the oven for about 20/30 mins and then blended once cooled. I served with mashed potatoes. I froze down the leftovers and he loves it x

Soups with either beef,chicken,fish,lentils,peas, or green beans combined with a mix of veggies like carrots,parsnips,courgettes,onions,tomatoes and potatoes/sweet potatoes/pasta. Just ideas so that your baby can have different types of protein everyday along with carbs and vegs:)

Honestly we buy them from the shops. She prefers smoother pastas, but will eat chunky pasta, stews pies and curries she has no preference. She eats pretty much everything we give her :). She has yogurt breakfast pouches (the ones with cereal added) and finger snacks. She loves thick French fries and hash browns as long as the outside isn’t too crusty. We try to do a mix of purée and finger foods will offer puree first then finger foods while we eat to keep her entertained and encourage her to try new textures as she can’t have purée forever.

Thank you guys for all the ideas! I try to add texture with lumpy purees so will try the pasta stars (hadn't heard of them until i looked it up - so thank you!)

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