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How many times is your lo having milk on a day? My lo is 10 months and only having milk twice for about 10 minutes each time. she just doesn’t want it which I know may be because of solids but is 2 enough?
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Mines the same, she has a drink before bed and sometimes wakes up in the night for a top up ☺️ I spoke to other EBF mums and they are similar

We are still 4 times a day, wake up, between 10/11ish, between 3/4ish then at bed time. I would like it to reduce though soon too xx

@Phoebe lo wakes in the night but I don’t think it’s for milk she will go back to sleep after a cuddle ?

@Grace does your lo eat well?

Mines the same atm, I think she’s just naturally reducing her milk intake but is still used to waking up in the night 😊

Mine has around 6 through the day and 1-2 through the night. Sometimes will have quick comfort feeds too xx

I have no idea but if your baby is growing and thriving I wouldn't worry about it.

We are still on 4 feeds but I feed to sleep! He eats relatively well in the day too. Like the above comment said, I wouldn’t be concerned if your baby is happy and seems healthy ☺️ every baby is different! X

Mine is maybe having 4 full 15-30 min feeds through the day (2 of those are feeding to sleep for her naps) then she can feed between 1-4 times through night still for long periods(she doesnt take to a dummy) she also does have 2/3 meals a day but is teething to isnt always bothered with the food i make

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