Baby suddenly biting when breastfeeding

No issues with biting previously but in the last few days he's started to bite when feeding and it's really painful! He's broken the skin in a couple of places on 1 nipple and I feel tense feeding him now. Please tell me this is just a phase?! He was quite grouchy at the weekend teething so I don't know if I'm just his latest teething toy 🤷 Has this happened anyone else? If so, did you manage to stop them doing it? I'm hoping he doesn't wake for a feed during the night like he normally does so my left nipple has a chance to heal🤞
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I think it’s teething related, I had a couple of really bad days recently but she’s gone back to normal now.

This has happened to me twice, both times teething related. I feel your pain! 😬 For me it didn’t last too long at least, and silver cups whenever I got a break from feeding really helped things heal - would definitely recommend!

Yes, he actually bit a hole in to my nipple, I wondered why it was hurting for so long. His nosey and he’d bite and look around. When I felt him clamping down I’d have to stick my finger in his mouth to unlatch him to stop him piercing me again. I think he realised and has stopped it. I just have to be careful if he doses off feeding as he sometimes does it towards the end 🤦🏼‍♀️ x

My baby has nipped me 3 times now. The first time I think he was testing the boundaries. It was kind of funny now that I think about it. He was suckling away, then he stopped. Stared at me, looked away again then…. Nip 😭. I pulled my breast away, said “no” and didn’t let him go back on for a while. It’s been two days now and he hasn’t nipped me again since. 🤞🏽

That’s normal when they’re teething, I tapped my finger on my babies cheek very lightly and she stopped

my baby’s got her first two bottoms ones come through and i find that if i feed really close she’s less likely to pull and chomp down shes doing it a lot less now they’ve come through tho x

I was advised at my breastfeeding group that if LO bites then use a finger to open their mouths and take them straight off for a moment and wait 10-20 seconds if they are showing signs for more, then try again, and if they bite again straight away do same thing. you can judge time whether 10 seconds or 40 seconds gives them time to understand, ‘if you bite, then no milk from mummy’. (My little boy did this for first time when starting teething, only a few times every so often like around 5-10 total over the span of a few weeks). This was about 3 months ago, he hasn’t done it since and now has 5 teeth. Can always give them a teething toy in between waiting too (this can help indicate if they are wanting more milk rather than teething toy

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