Anyone else feel SICK at the concept of nursery/not being with their baby every day?

I keep getting myself so upset over the concept of not being with my baby every day. I'm a teacher and going back in September and I just keep visualising handing her to someone at the nursery door and leaving her 😭 she's EBF and sooo attached to me (and me to her!) and to this point (she's 9 months) I've never left her with anyone other than my husband for an hour or two. I need to start leaving her with my husband's parents for trial runs as they're having her on a Friday but she screams whenever they hold her still! Loves playing, just hates being cuddled by anyone but me or her dad. It's got me so so anxious. Fortunately I've got a Wednesday off and hubby is working flexi to have a Thursday with her so it's nursery Mon and Tues but my heart is BREAKING thinking about what's to come 😭
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I feel exactly the same and I know other mums are too. You’re fortunate she’ll only be in 2 days a week, mine will be in 5 days a week and I honestly keep putting it to the back of my mine. She’s also EBF so not sure what will happen at nursery as she doesn’t take a bottle 😔

I'm in the same boat. I'm doing my PGCE in Sept and my husband is military and no family around so will have to send our daughter full time which absolutely breaks me. I haven't left her with anyone other than my husband and she's is ebf too. Luckily she will take a bottle so I'm going to wean her to milk the week or so before. I love my days with my daughter, it's been a dream so I'm really not looking forward to it. But, being in a school has it's advantages. It's term time and pretty standard hours. I will be spending as much time as possible with her when I can. During half term, weekends ect.. doing loads of stuff with her. I don't think about it though, it's just gotta happen and I just gotta deal! You're doing amazing! Xx

Could have written this except my baby is going in 4 days a week. Absolutely terrified and cry thinking about it most days 😔

I've gone back to work as a teacher my baby is EBF and they adapt so well. He's doesn't take a bottle so at nursery he's eats lots of food drinks water and I feed him before and after I pick him up. he's absolutely fine in the day without milk so try not to worry about that as much x

I feel the exact same! Also going back to work (teacher) in September 🥺

Yes! I am dreading going back to work and I think I will have to do 4 days instead of the three I wanted for business reasons which I get. I haven't even got a nursery place yet because we may be moving and the stress is real!!

I'm going back in September too but I'm a nurse so baby boy will only be in nursery one day & the other shift I do will be a weekend night shift so his Daddy can look after him overnight, absolutely heartbreaking though, also EBF & we're doing a bottle a day to learn how to take it, he manages 2-3oz so that's definitely a extra stress... I'm lucky that he's a social boy & loves other babies & so far hasn't had any stranger anxiety. I feel for us all though 🩷

I’m going back to work in August and am an A&E doctor with all sorts of odd shifts including nights. Mine is EBF as well and my lactation consultant just said to continue BF as long as you can or transition to open/sippy cups and not bottles. I am absolutely terrified as I have no family around to help so my baby will be going to childminder full time 5/6 days a week, including weekends. I am terrified, feeling guilty and scared out of my wits and can’t imagine what will happen as I won’t be there to keep an eye on her since I’m so used to her being around and she being around me. I’ve not even left her with my husband for more than 2 hrs since I’m constantly thinking if she’s ok and that she needs me or not. I’m hoping and praying that my baby remains safe and well fed till I come back to get her. It will be a huge adjustment but I don’t know what else to do. I wish I didn’t have to go back but there is no choice. So I get where you’re coming from. You’re not alone in this!

We're in really similar situations! I'm honestly getting so upset about it. I can't get my head around how we go from being together 24/7 to only seeing him on evenings and weekends essentially 😢 My boy does this little look for me when he's unsure of something, then he spots me, smiles and gives whatever it is a go. I keep picturing him doing that look for me when he's unsure at nursery and I'm not there 😭 We're EBF too and I've hardly ever left him with anyone and also need to start building up the time with my partner's mum as she'll be having him one day a week but I'm so upset she'll get to spend more time with him than I will during the week 😭 I just hate the thought of it all so so much.

@Rebecca my girl does this look too 😭 and I've been breaking my heart imagining her doing it at nursery and me not being there. Also EBF. It's almost too hard to think about at the moment.

@Natalie It breaks my heart too! I had my first KIT day yesterday and it didn't go well 😭

I keep trying to think about the time I will get with her to make myself feel better. I will be getting her up and ready in the morning, so I get to do her morning feed and have morning cuddles with her. I will then have maybe 2 hours with her in the evening, so again will get to do her last bottle with lots of cuddles. Then weekends are our time to spend together. From August I'm doing condensed hours so I can have every other Monday off work and that day is going to be for just us, no housework etc, just a fun day together

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