How do you know your baby is getting enough milk when you exclusively breastfeed? I know there’s no way to know exactly how much they’re getting but how do I know he’s definitely getting enough? Midwife said to make sure baby has enough wet and poop nappy’s and he has plenty but I feel like by the time he wasn’t peeing as much that’s too long I don’t want my baby to become dehydrated or anything.
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Full nappies and weight gain. It’s as simple as that ❤️

@Shannon he’s back to birth weight at his 10 day check and has plenty wet nappies it’s just I don’t feel engorged or like my boobs are full anymore like when my milk first came in and I don’t know if that’s normal

They do tend to naturally drop a bit of weight before gaining it back. When milk comes in boobs will be FULL as hell but you should still be obviously filling up etc. Make sure to eat nutritionally dense food and drink PLENTY water. Make sure you offer baby plenty of boob and have them at the nipple for cluster feeding often. You could express and feed via cup/bottle for peace of mind. If you decide to add In some formula make sure to allow baby to nurse often/pump often at this early stage it can mess with supply that probably won’t regulate for up to 16 weeks 💕

Your boobs will feel less “full” as your milk supply regulates! Totally normal. Unless baby is showing signs of being dehydrated, then you’re doing everything right and sounds great!

I just weigh myself with the kid and without and see how much she weighs each week. Honestly if they are acting fine and have wet diapers and poop everyday then it’s likely fine. My girl has had some bad diarrhea bouts but she hasn’t become dehydrated and has actually continued to gain a pound a week or more

It is normal for them not to feel as full! As long as baby is having enough wet diapers you are good! You can always schedule a weighted feed with your pediatrician or a lactation specialist

There’s a great lactation consultant with really helpful advice Lucy Webber - follow her on instagram if you can. As she says ‘soft boobs are happy boobs’. You don’t want to be engorged past the early days, it’s very normal for boobs to settle as baby effectively empties them and your supply settles x

You can also visit a lactation consultant. I felt super confident after our visit because they did a weighted feed. They weighed baby before, I fed her, and then they weighed her again. Turns out I was under feeding her when I would feed a bottle because she drank a whole half an ounce more when she breastfed.

Your boobs adjust quickly. However! At 3 weeks, you will have another increase in production and this is a very common time to get clogged ducts. If you get anxious about supply, then just pump in the morning to see how much you’re getting. Baby is able to get more than a pump. I’m 5mo PP now and my boobs are usually soft, unless my baby hasn’t feed for quite some time and then the neglected boob gets hard 🤣

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