Left to cry but not by choice

Anyone else have no choice but to leave baby to cry in the cot? I've got two other kids and so much I have to do every night. I spend ages trying to get her in the cot and then she'll be up and I can't get her back down. I needed to hang the washing up just now so left her screaming and now I need to shower so will leave her to scream again if I can't get her down. It just feels so impossible at the moment and I have zero help from anyone.
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Definitely don't feel bad! I was absolutely desperate for the toilet earlier and had no choice but to leave him to cry in his chair. I refuse to take him with me because it's just not pleasant. He often has to grumble to himself while I put laundry out/away, prepare dinner etc. and I only have one so what you are doing managing three is amazing. It's impossible to be with them all the time when it's just you at home and anyone who says they have never had to leave them has a very selective memory in my opinion :)

it’s necessary sometimes as long as they’re fed and clean then they will be ok! i’ve had to leave my baby when its the afternoon and i haven’t eaten anything yet.

Awww it's so hard. Have you got a carrier? Sometimes I chuck baby in that if I'm doing things like putting out washing or hoovering. It can't be helped, babies cry a lot xx

You gotta do what you gotta do, especially when you’re doing everything on your own! I’m on my own and I have a 3 year old too so there are times I can’t go straight to him if he’s grizzly because I’m with her or I’m doing things that need to be done, it’s a lot to juggle when you’re doing it solo so give yourself some grace ☺️x

Sometimes you just have to do it. As long as they’re in a safe place and you know they’re actually okay then it’s fine for 5-10 minutes. I think it will actually help them to be more independent in the long run! You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re prioritising and making good decisions

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