How would y’all react?! I’m livid

For some context, I had my baby may 29th. He’s about 6 weeks old, and it’s been a lil tough learning how to be a mom, I don’t work as I want to stay at home until my baby is a bit baby, I’ve been pregnant before him but ended up losing the baby so I’m like a first time mom Me, my baby, and my boyfriend live at home with my mother, she’s been helping a lot with the baby, when I’m sleeping she has him so help me get fully rested and then she gives him back when she needs sleep or just keeps him in the room with her until I go get him She’s moving back to Florida soon, we’ll be going back with her in a month or two but she’s going back to work and get us a place there first so the family can come back with a place to go to, so my cousin came to apparently help with the baby, which is annoying because nobody discussed this with me, they just made the plan, I already felt weird about my mom helping him with, because I feel like I don’t have him enough and want him with me all the time and feel already so annoyed that I have to share him with anyone other than his father, my cousin got here like two or three days ago, I love my cousin I do but it’s frustrating. Now the big issue started last night, I left the baby with my mom and went upstairs to wake up my boyfriend for work, and in the process had completely fallen asleep, when I woke up the next morning I was like woah but I didn’t worry because I knew the baby was left with my mom, then I went to go get him and his bassinet in her room is empty and I’m like wtf where the fuck is my baby, I look all over the house for him and find him in my cousins room, WHICH would not have been a big as deal as it was BUT I left him with my mom and he wasn’t with her when I got up then when I actually found my baby he was sleeping in the bed with my cousin, both of them passed out and I’m just like what the actual fuck I got so mad My cousin had mentioned she used to sleep with her little cousins in the bed with her and nothing bad ever happened and me and my mother both expressed that nobody cosleeps with him, that it’s not for us and can be very dangerous especially with how young he is, and I even put a lil travel bassinet in the room with her so wouldn’t feel the need to put him in the bed with her like that and she did it anyways, but it had me so pissed at 5 am that I left my baby with someone and then he wasn’t with the person and then i had expressed that I do not want the baby sleeping in the bed and that happened against my wishes And also my baby has been on iron and vitamin d since he was born, and he has trouble pooping, and we’ve been giving him it at nights and since my mother mostly has him at nights she’s been mostly giving it to him, and then today she told me she did an experiment where she didn’t give it to him for 2 days to see how he pooped and then he started pooping again and said she just didn’t tell me because she knew I’d want to do what the doctor said LIKE WTF I yelled at her because first of all HES MY BABY, I know you think you know everything because you’ve had five kids like you keep reminding me but he’s my baby, you don’t do something with someone else’s baby that you know they won’t like period, like I’m so pissed I’m about to not let anybody watch him anymore even if I need sleep I’ll just keep him with me and nobody else but his father and just drink coffees all the time to stay up if I need to because all of this put together is enraging like if you can’t respect what I say and what I want and how im going to raise my baby you’re not being around him anymore I yelled at her and she said that she had just forgotten to give him the medicine, and im like if you forgot why did you seem proud until you saw I was pissed and then called it an experiment, like backing it up now that im mad about it smh
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Sounds like miscommunication and overstepping of boundaries. My son will be 6 weeks on Friday and I’ve had him by myself since birth because of situations like this. It sucks not having much help from family but I’d rather be with my baby and know what’s happening than not knowing. But it’s not your fault. You stand your ground as a mother because no one knows your son like you do. Your cousin was wrong for “experimenting” like that. I’d be pissed too

This would 100% irk me, my baby is 8 days older then yours and I’m terrified of someone watching her because with my first people just felt like they could do whatever, and I’m absolutely not going through that again, do what makes you happy and feel safe, but also be safe if you stop sleeping and drink coffees that’s not a great option and if you can avoid it Id say you should, you don’t want to create an unsafe situation for yourself and baby boy, you matter and you’re mom you’re the mother and your word rules grandma and cousin, even if they’re trying to help you and boyfriend are the only two people who can make those decisions, also your cousin deliberately disregarding your rule is sooo disrespectful, I hope hope hope this gets better for you because the last thing you need is added on stress

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