Has anyone started or successfully completed potty training their toddler? I’m thinking to start don’t know how to.

Any tips
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Not yet, but here's some guidance: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/baby/babys-development/potty-training-and-bedwetting/how-to-potty-train/

Yes we are 2 weeks in and my daughter is doing so well! She has been using the toilet at nursery as that’s what her friends do. I had bought a potty for home a few months ago and just left jt in the living room sometimes she would ask to use it. About 2 weeks ago she just took off her nappy and said she didn’t want to wear it. We I went to primark I bought about 15 pairs of cheap leggings and pants got a portable potty for out and about and toilet seat insert for her. I stared by asking her if she needed the toilet about every 30-45 mins at home (she does drink a lot) and nursery did the same. Within a week we had no accidents and she doesn’t need to be asked. Unless we are out somewhere she can sometimes get distracted tells us at the last second and doesn’t quite make it. I am putting a nappy on still for nap time and over night but she is now waking in the night asking to take it off (the nappy is dry ) and asking to use the toilet! Amazing how quickly they get it x

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