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My baby will not fall asleep on their own. What are y’all doing for sleep training!
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Following because I need help too!😩

@Niani this is honestly worse than the newborn stage.

Does your baby play independently okay? Being able to walk away from your baby and letting them entertain themselves lets them gain independence and I feel like it helped a lot with our sleep training.

@Ash I agree!

I’ve finally got him sleeping in his crib all by himself! If you look into the INSIGHT study that’s a great resource I used. I also developed a very rigid nighttime routine like 1-2 weeks before I started trying to get him to sleep on his own so he already knew when it was bed time. For the actual training I did a modified pick up/put down method.

Our son is 21 weeks and has always taken at least half his naps in his bassinet/crib since we brought him home. He's been taking all his naps in his bed for about 2 months. Establishing a solid nighttime routine is very helpful. He is also very okay with playing alone and entertaining himself with his toys. I'm sure that helps him with falling asleep. He's comfortable enough to be in his bed alone to not fuss. We used the cry it out method mostly. He'd never cry for more than a few minutes before falling asleep, and he falls asleep almost automatically now. We would take turns giving him bedside comfort (back rubs/pats, head rubs, etc.) every 3-4 minutes when he would be fussing for a bit.

My babe would only contact nap and refused to do anything else during the day…I put a blackout curtain up in her room for naps and it’s a game changer since the first nap she instantly falls asleep

We started good sleep habits right from birth. Designated sleep space, I put a bed in her room for me and we just lived in there for a while lol routine to signal nap sleep versus bed time. Our bed time routine lasts an hour. We do bottle, play, bath, book, bed. Baby takes all of her naps in her crib and sleeps 12 hours in her crib. We did a mixed bag of techniques but being consistent even on the worst days really makes a difference. I also have been good at putting her down in her play spaces and telling her “mommy will be right back”, and I’d go flip laundry or something quick and then come back and be excited to come back and now she’s totally cool if I set her up and work around her. She got vaccines yesterday so she’s a hard no on being put down today but everyday feels a little bit different in terms of needs!

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