Napping and night sleep.

How much does your little one nap during the day? My little one will not nap if we are out he is such a fomo baby but if we are in the house he will usually have 1-1.5hrs on a morning. 1/2 an hour around lunchtime and then another 1hr at 2/3ish. He then goes to bed at 6ish. I literally can not keep him awake any longer. He wakes up between 5-6am. Questions - Is he napping too much during the day? How do I get a later bedtime and a later rise in the morning? Is 3 naps still okay?
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Following! My little one is the exact same x

My little one does 3 x 30-45 minute naps 😭 , bedtime around 6 , morning starts between 6-7 Something that helped us with stupid early mornings was classing anything before 6am as a night wake, so keeping things dark, simple change (if necessary) feed and soothe, as calm as possible. Didn't work instantly but she started to understand that playtime and fun didn't start that early.

Mine has 45 minutes- an hour in the morning, then 1 hour 30/2hours at lunch then 45-30 minutes before tea, it all depends on when he wakes up from naps

We’re the same with the fomo 🙈 She’ll wake up as soon as we stop the car too! She seems to have 1.5/2 hour wake windows still but will only sleep well in her cot. If we’re home she’ll have 1.5-2 hours about 9/10, same early afternoon and another 45 mins around 5ish. She then goes to sleep around 8ish and will sleep until 7/8am. If she wakes after a 30 min nap, I try and get her back off to sleep and it usually works x

Sounds perfect, you still want around 3-4 hours of day time sleep whatever way its broken up. Most babies dont go to 2 naps until around 8 months

usually is recommended babies sleeps 16 hours, so 12 hours at night and 4 hours broken up into 3 naps, but every baby is different my son sleeps 14 hours a day so 12 hours a night and 2 hours in the day

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