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When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed but said I wouldn’t put too much pressure on myself. Even though I anticipated difficulty, I didn’t expect SO much difficulty. Big weight drop, tongue tie, latch issues, told he needed to be topped up every 2 hours and using nipple shields for 4 months. The one thing I had luck with was a huge milk supply. We are now 7 months in, and my baby is still exclusively breastfed and I’ve just been able to donate over 2 litres to the Birmingham Milk Bank. I’m so grateful and amazed that my body has been able to create a little chunky boy and help neonatal babies in the Midlands. I’ve had a little cry but I’m so proud of myself.
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That’s amazing momma!!!

Amazing, I used donar milk with my first as I had an emergency c section and put under general and couldn't feed him straight away. So thank you for being a milk donar 🥰

I was a doner after I lost my last baby and its such a great thing to do, well done you 👏

@Nicola aww thank you so much!! That’s amazing to hear xx

@Lauren that’s absolutely incredible. You did such an amazing thing, well done xxx

You should be proud, that’s incredible! ❤️

@Alice thank you!!x

This is awesome! Well done mama 🙌🙌🙌

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