Anyone in virgina?

I moved here in April, and have yet to make a friend. I'm in virgina... about 35 minutes from DC. I love shopping, makeup, getting coffee... literally anything. I'm super bored, and just want to make a friend.
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Hello! I am going to be moving there next summer should be there in May or so. If want to talk just message me looking for friends there so know , I love shopping, makeup and coffee and just adult conversations :)

I'm in Virginia, but not near D.C. I live in Hampton Roads (Norfolk)

@IreneMeee i moved here April 2023 from Florida .I live in Woodbridge (lake ridge) let’s be friends lol !!! I have 5 kids two boys 12 and 10 a 2 year old girl , my 9 years old bonus daughter (we get her in the summers, holidays , and every other month on weekends)and 3 month old baby boy

@Kyley for sure! That would be awesome!

@Rachel I'm going to look up where that's at lol. I'm still getting used to the area. I feel like I've heard that name though.

@Estefany oh wow! I moved here in April from Florida also. What part of Florida did you live at? I'm in dumfries... literally down the road from you lol. I have a 9 year old daughter, and a 2 year old boy.

@Irene a small town call Spring Hill , I live about 40 minutes away from Tampa . What part of Florida did you move from ?

@Irene so Hampton Roads is a large urban region comprised mainly of 7 cities: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News & Hampton

I'm in Laurel Md

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