Four month sleep regression

How are we coping with this? *googles “can you die from lack of sleep?”* This feels worse than having a newborn! 😴😴
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Definitely worse than having a newborn, newborns sleep in the day at least. mine is ok at night so far but refusing to nap in the day and trying to roll but can’t so just screams about it x

🤣🤣🤣🤣 literally! We had such a bad night last night I’ve sacked off any housework & im napping everytime he does!!!!

Cluster feeding throughout the night 🥴 and cat napping during the day 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️

Not coping. This is awful 😖 just very glad I'm not going through this in the perpetual dark of winter

30mins naps and feeding during the night every 2 hours 😩

I think we are going through this too. Refusing to nap in the day now, taking extra long to go to sleep at night, waking up chatting and slamming legs down through the night 😆 just think it’s only temporary and shouldn’t last too long 🤞🏻

Same here, opened my eyes at 2am and she’s eyes wide open, grinning and raring to go. Then decided to practice blowing bubbles for 2 hours 😭 praying tonight is better 🙏

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