Belly wrap

I hate the look of my post c-section pouch. I'm 7 weeks pp atm and it's bugging me. Anyone used a belly wrap? When did you start wearing it? Did it work?
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I started at 6 weeks post and am 7 weeks now, it's been working for me

I started wearing it like almost immediately it didn’t really do anything for me. I did get this nice skin tightening cream off Amazon that’s been helping

I was given it at the hospital my second day pp. it has helped me and I’m now 5 weeks pp. I still have a bit of overhang but no mom pouch per se.

I personally hated the belly wrap because it was so uncomfortable and it pushed right on my incision 😩 plus it looked funny with clothes. i ended up buying some tighter high waisted Hanes silky granny panty type underwear and those helped suck everything in, plus doing some scar massage in the shower and my pouch went away pretty quickly!

@Cienna can you share the skin tightening cream brand?

@Courtney it wasn’t supposed to say nice omg🤦🏻‍♀️ it was supposed to say NIVEA🙃 😂

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