How to deal w in-laws

My “in laws” are honestly awful they don’t even say hi to me or even look in my direction when she found out I was pregnant she asked my partner “did she tell you “ I was bleeding and went to the early pregnancy unit and she did the same “did she tell you or is she making it up “ Like how tf do I deal with these people they don’t invite me anywhere I’ve never been to his house ever we have been together a whole year I’m obviously not liked but what do I do is anyone in the same boat I just feel like I shouldn’t even let them meet my child or even be around me this pregnancy (not that they want to ) lol 😂 Help
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Omg this is awful. You need to cut these horrible people out your life - you dont have to accept that treatment. Im sure your partner will understand if he has witnessed this behaviour…does he stick up for you?? Xx

@Beth id like to say yes but I don’t think he does , he kinda just ignores it and pushes it to the side x

Thats horrible isnt it. I dont really know what to suggest other than distance yourself from the family. There is always confronting them but it sounds like they have zero respect for you so not sure what good it will do :-( xx

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