3 years ago

Do you think it’s safe?

I know this probably sounds ridiculous, but I’m a very tired, emotional mum right now so just want to make sure! My LO (9 months old) hasn’t been settled at night for weeks (I think 8 month regression plus teething). He hasn’t even made 2 hours tonight and he’s screaming. We’ve finally got him settled in his cot with his monkey (same as the picture). He’s never had any comforters or anything, so I’m just worried about leaving this in his cot.
Do you think it’s safe?

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3 months ago

My almost 9mth old has a comforter like that, she sleeps so much better with it. She has had it in her bad for a while now.

4 months ago

My pediatrician told me it was fine for my nine month old! She got attached to this little giraffe head on a blanket lovey, and slept so well with it. But I would get paranoid and check constantly. We practiced putting the toy on her face and pulling it off during the day, and she never had a problem.

3 years ago

My daughter sleeps with her Mickey Mouse ever night! It’s small but either way! When she was 9 months she still slept with him and if he was bugging her she pushed him away!

3 years ago

He should be fine but if it makes you feel better check on him a lot. As long as baby can roll over and move around well, you shouldn’t worry, cause if it’s on his face, he will move it

3 years ago

My pediatrician recommends to start giving the baby a lovey that “isn’t a suffocation danger” starting at 3-4 months. That stuffed animal you showed doesn’t look like a suffocation danger. They give this advice to all parents. Since my doctor is the director of pediatrics at St. David’s I’d trust her advice.

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