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  • 10 days ago

Am I the only one?

Everyone makes mom life especially stay at home mom life out to be this super magical fun fulfilling amazing adventure. Umm going on 8 months here and this is nothing at all like I imagined. All those cute little pinterest ideas are all fails and make me feel like I'm failing at life. Making my son's food from scratch?! The idea was cute the recipes I found SUCK! He cries and is very impatient. Am I failure or is everyone just taking their losses in silence? This momma is tired and needs some encouragement. This photo is the aftermath of trying to do yet another arts and craft with broccoli, a crying baby, crying baby's foot, and paint.
  • W
  • 10 days ago

Not alone! I totally quiet making her food until now that she can eat what we do. Still challenging… and feel like I can always do better. But to them you are perfect! No worries

  • A
  • about 2 months ago

Yea it’s usually a wreck but it’s the joy of making the food and the thought behind it but then the babies like only basics like banana or avo not a mix of food

  • R
  • 3 months ago

It’s hard, you’re definitely not alone. Give yourself some slack, the fact that you’re even trying to do all the Pinterest stuff means that you care and are trying your best! You don’t have to plan activities to enrich your child’s experience every moment or even every day! You’re doing great. Sending love to you ❤️

  • K
  • 3 months ago

Pinterest is full of lies. And life is hard. But it is rewarding because of the miracle you get to fail with. Lol. I am mom to 4. I am homeschooling and teaching a second language that i myself am learning too. It is messy, hectic, stressful, glorious, amusing, and beautiful. Make sure you take time to fill your own tank. But this life is not paradise. Lol

  • J
  • 3 months ago

Your covered in paint. I’m over here covered in her shit. Girl close down Pinterest and focus on your baby and not being stretched thin. I’m sure baby would rather have a happy momma than another Pinterest pin

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