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  • London, UK
  • a month ago

Maternity Leave

🌟💫So I'm about to go on maternity leave for the last month of pregnancy. What should I make sure I do during this time before my little boy is due?! Any classes or things I shpuld kniw about . This will be my first baby so I don't know what to expect! ❤💋
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  • Petrolia, CA
  • 8 days ago

Pedicure. It saved my soul lol

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  • Windsor, CA
  • 9 days ago

Relax, make sure hosp bag good, sleep sleep sleep, your body may naturally start to nest anyway so jus get yourself organized and relax as much as possible I had 8 days to relax from the time I went of for mat leave to the time my son decided to come meet the world . I'm jus saying those 8 days went by quick and after my son arrived things got chaotic just a little bit . Organize your kitchen that's one room u dont think about but for easy midnight feedings make sure he has a cabinet or something with all his kitchen stuff from bottles to boob pumps to small feeding containers and spoons and things... idk I say tht cause my son is 6mos now it went by quick and he has alot of his own personal dishes

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  • Roseville, United States
  • 19 days ago

Have you done any birthing classes? Those are great!

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  • Herndon, United States
  • 19 days ago

Nap as much as you can now because there'll be no sleep after delivery! Take long walks, helped me with delivery a lot.

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  • Blairstown, United States
  • 21 days ago

Get lots of rest! And have a plan for food/meals/freezer meals. In the beginning I’d only have 10-15 minutes at best to grab something to eat. Also, pamper yourself too! Do something fun! I had a scheduled c section so I spent most of summer indoors with my sweet munchkin but was bummed because I couldn’t really leave the house.

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