4 years ago

Maternity Leave

🌟💫So I'm about to go on maternity leave for the last month of pregnancy. What should I make sure I do during this time before my little boy is due?! Any classes or things I shpuld kniw about . This will be my first baby so I don't know what to expect! ❤💋
Maternity Leave

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1 month ago

Prioritise putting your feet up… get to know how to use your car seat safely, maybe practice with a teddy. You can also make some freezer meals for when baby is here and you can be bothered with dinner. Wash and organise baby’s clothes and prep the hospital bag and your birthing partner (my son can 5wks early so I am very happy I did this)!

2 months ago

Sleep, clean, meal plan, sit outside and enjoy the sun. Set up things for the baby. When I came home I had to live in the living room for a few weeks because I couldn’t do stairs often (C-section momma) so make sure wherever you’re going to be home with baby is set up with all you need. Set up a meal or chore train if you can. You won’t want to need help with baby but you will probably need help with laundry or dishes or cleaning. That’s where I struggled most when we first came home

7 months ago

Make freezer meals. You aren’t going to want to cook so just pre make some things that can go Straight in the oven and take minimal effort while keeping you nourished so You can heal and feed baby

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3 years ago

I highly suggest doing light yoga every morning to help with any body pains you have and to help prep you for labor. I didnt really think much of it at first and i only tried it cause my mom suggested it but it ended up helping more than i expected. It helped me not feel so tense and i just felt better in general.

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