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I love my SS, he’s amazing and he has a great relationship with everyone he meets as he’s so friendly! He also adores my partner! Back in August his mum moved her and him back him 500 miles away (to Scotland which makes court jurisdiction complicated). When she moved she said my partner would have to travel once a month to see him, just not feasible financially. So we have him over holiday periods , last time was Xmas and he FaceTimes 4 times a week (SS is 4). My partner flies to Scotland, meets her at the airport and flies home with SS in one day and vice versa going back, all at his own cost (fuel, time (2 hours from nearest airport), flights & parking fees). Now she’s saying my partner can see him but he’s never allowed to our home again (I’m pregnant and shes fuming about it - she’s known since November and let him come here for Xmas on the basis we didn’t tell him about the baby which we agreed as wasn’t showing) and he can only see him if he travels and stays at her house. It’s completely unreasonable and my partner has refused and asked why. She said she’s not going to explain herself so he can document it and use it again her. She says it’s in SS best interests but how? SS has also started saying Daddy doesn’t love me, which is strange and come from somewhere. What’s the next steps?
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Sounds like you’re best off taking legal action if there’s no way of reasoning with the ex, is there already a court order in place? It’s totally unrealistic/unreasonable to expect your partner to fly back and forth from Scotland with SS yet he’s not allowed in your home! And unless there was a genuine safeguarding reason for it I can’t see a court agreeing to that either! X

Definitely legal action. She can’t just decide he isn’t allowed at your home, unless there’s a safeguarding concern. Sounds like it’s affecting the child as well, so unfair some adults acts like that 🙁 hope you get it sorted xx

Have a look at the Facebook page ‘Fathers justice UK support and advice page’ its the one with the red rose in the logo.. they have SO many people on there who are mckenzie friends and have gone through the court system they should be able to give you some solid advice. They aren’t ’fathers for justice’ - that’s a different group. From what I know I completely get why court would be difficult , but the not telling you ss about his brother will be strongly frowned upon as it’s controlling behaviour and children have rights to know their family.. my husbands ex tried to do the same thing .. saying my husband could visit his son but not in the house as she didn’t know me and doesn’t know ‘my son’ the judge was not happy and very quickly reminded her that she wasn’t being child focused !!

Attempt meditation if unsuccessful court. Ask for half of the summer holidays, 3 weeks each, half of easter a week each and every half term, October, February and May. Go through CSA and claim travel expenses and ask the courts for mum to meet half way at a half way location. Ask for a Friday update of the whole week and Sunday update of the weekend and every Wednesday video call with child. The above suggested has been granted to a father I know.

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