Trust issues

I don't trust him, he's my partner and we've been together more than two years and due to have our baby in 5 weeks. I love him but I don't trust him and it's ruining our relationship. Any success stories of building trust back into the relationship?? Just want our family to be united and strong together :(
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@Karla he hasn't cheated but he does search up lots of girls online often which makes me think that he wonders about cheating. Because of his wandering eye

That sounds stressful :/ Is your partner open to couples therapy or counseling?

A man will always look at women. We are beautiful. The problem occurs only when he decides to act upon and cheat. It doesn't seem like he's done this nor do you have a suspicion that he is. Perhaps you should change your perspective? Also, doesn't help to let him know your insecurities. Edit: It helps to let him know your insecurities.

Yeah I told him all my insecurities and he's very understanding when we talk about it together, I guess I'm feeling really protective and insecure 8 months pregnant I'm scared he might become attracted to another woman and abandon me and the baby. It sounds crazy and irrational but it happens to lots of other families and I'm scared it'll happen to ours even though he's told me he would never do that. I hope I'll calm down after baby is born. Other women are beautiful but I don't care about them lol i think his eyes should tunnel on our family not on checking out other girls xx

I'm sure you check out other guys. We as humans check out other people, but it doesn't mean we'll abandon our families. I personally suspect you may be going through prenatal depression or anxiety and you should get checked out by a professional. What you're feeling is normal and sounds like the symptoms of that. Unchecked, this cna turn into postpartum depression or anxiety or psychosis. The feelings are a result of the hormones.

@Shay the fear is when they throw out insecurities in our face

@Shay really ! I got to get check too I want to fight my partner

@Janaye yes ma'am, please get checked. I had PPD with my first child. My insecurities placed irrational thoughts in my head and I caused problems in my relationship. I went, talked to a professional, did therapy and got on meds. I'm off them now and we stronger than ever (never was gonna fall off cause we in this for life).

The whole pre and postpartum phase of life is ROUGH. The things we go through as women to bring forth life affects more than the physical. It effects the mental and the emotional.

Thankyou so much ladies for the advice Im reading books on parenthood and will definitely get checked out, told my midwife my concerns and communicating with my partner often, he's being supportive which helps me so much right now. 🙏🏼 Only some days feel rough today was a good one but I'm going to keep monitoring and if it spirals down again I'm going to consider more deeper proffesional help etc xx

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