Transition Swaddle (arms out)

Help mammas!!! My baby will be three months old on the 10th and has recently been showing signs of rolling over, can roll and turn on his side, but quickly goes back to his back so I’ve been trying to have all of his naps have his arms free. He usually sleeps in a halo sleep sack with his arms down, and it honestly helps his naps go so much longer, and I think he sleeps much better. I’ve tried arms out for a nap and it’s gone. Terrible, tried one I’m out today and had some struggles, but he was able to nap one long nap. I’m already using the sleep sack and he’s already used to the halo, I just don’t think he likes his arms out… For bedtime, I’m debating on starting swaddled and then moving to arms out. If he wakes up, he sleeps right next to me I just don’t know what to do. Any advice would be awesome! I want to get some sleep at least 😂😭
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Are you co sleeping? I honestly would just drop the swaddle all together. The startle reflex is key to cognitive development and swaddling hinders it. We stopped swaddling at 6 weeks and my son would startle himself for the first couple of nights but after that he was great and wouldn’t startle himself awake. He’s been sleeping 8-10 hours through the night since around 7 weeks old and he’s 7 months now.

@Camille Danielle ok so stop altogether cold turkey! I feel like it’ll be hard but it’s better to rip the bandaid off, not cosleeping he sleeps in a bassinet next to me

Yeah it’s a little rough at first but it’ll save you in the long run hahaha especially when you’ll have to transition out when they’re older it becomes a bit of a nightmare 😂

I dont you. but have to agree with Danielle. I didnt stop completely i transitioned she hated it naps were shit sleep was shit.. but after about a month she was fine her reflex has now gone completely. Putting them down very close to you really helps with that tbh. I find she now tries to hold the swaddle position for comfort as shes going to bed so will clasp her hands over one another. Just imagine we starting making u sleep without a duvet.. ur not gonna be happy lol

@Kady ok I took your advice, tried it for bedtime tonight! He sleeps very close so if he wakes up I’ll just stick a pacifier in his mouth 😂🥴

@Camille Danielle hey! How do you get 8-10 hours of Sleep through night. Could you please break down the schedule. Would you waking up for mid of night feed?

Update: he made it through the night and never officially woke up but he would kick his feet and stir so I moved him a few times and put the pacifier in. It’s almost like he would kick his legs and jolt. Anyone else have this?

@Sridevi hi! Yeah no problem. We co-sleep so I think that helps a lot but my son will nap independently if I put him down tired. Typically he’s up around 7/8am and we do a feed every 3 hours. By like 8/9pm he starts getting tired and his last feed is around 10/11pm usually and it turns into a dream feed cuz I’ll change his diaper and he’ll be awake and as soon as I start the feed he’s passing out within a couple sips but he’ll take the whole bottle lol. I think a key to getting them to sleep through the night is making sure they have full full feeds throughout the day. If my son eats anything less than like 40-45oz then he’ll wake around 3am to eat but will go back to sleep. I also keep all the lights off during his night feeds so he knows it’s time to settle down for bed and I think this helps a lot too. Unless he’s teething he doesn’t fight his sleep. I will say we are lucky with a good sleeper lol because I was not like this my mom says 😂 she got no sleep and I was colicky too

@Camille Danielle thank you so much for this. Do you breastfeed? If in case how to increase supply.

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