Life After Bedbugs 🪲

Any advice? We just got rid of our infested mattress, and have been camping on our couch until the infestation is for sure gone, per the recommendation of a friend. It's been about a month and no one is getting bitten, but I'm still nervous to get a new bed. Does anyone have wisdom to share about our predicament? I can't wait to sleep on a mattress again.
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My mom owned the house when we got them so we just up and left everything but things that could be thrown in a dryer. Wish I had more advice for you, but I don’t since we just up and left everything. It wasn’t until the house was foreclosed on that we went and cleaned it out

I agree with @Rylea that’s the best thing to do to wash what can be washed just in case or have everything examined before purchasing another mattress

had them in a mobile home and had to get rid of absolutely literally everything except clothes I even found them in those Peeps marshmallow candy’s. They hide in ANY small crevice I also used some very expensive sprays one to “draw them out” another to kill. Think it was like $300 for a small little bottle given we had a fairly small home. For a HOUSE house I’d say get more. Also animals “transport” them in and out of the house. So if you have pets the “hitch” rides on your pets.

So sorry! I had bedbugs in college and it was like life altering! I agree, I’d wash EVERYTHING and super dry it. Curtains, pillows, towels, bathroom rugs, any rugs, clothes, hats… it’s so frustrating! The main source was in the bed, but then like 2 months later we found some in a packed away tote of winter clothes that hadn’t been opened/ touched for months! They are smart and horrible little creatures

I'm sorry to say but bedbugs are EXTREMELY difficult to get rid of. I had a friend who dealt with them years ago. Long story short, he and his gf had to get rid of the vast majority of their stuff and move out of their apartment. Sometimes from what I hear, even professional exterminators aren't always successful in getting rid of them.

Try with some Hot Shot for bedbugs in the furniture and things you can't wash/get rid of. Also, a steamer cleaner is useful for floors, rugs, and curtains. Good luck! Buy this spray, the spray gun that goes with it, and mattress covers for every mattress and box spring somebody sleeps on in your house. Second move all your beds away from the wall so that they become islands absolutely not touching anything in your room. Thirdly stop sleeping on your couch the only thing that will accomplish is spreading them to your living room. Once you have all the mattress covers on take that spray in the sprayer and spray it 2 inches all around all the bed frames. I'd also spray it on the couch and whatever living room furniture you've been sleeping in. Then sleep in your bed/beds. If they're still in your house they will crawl through the spray to get to you while you sleep. The spray will stick to there stomachs and they will take it back to the nest with them and it will kill them all within 4-10 days.

Once you've made sure they're all gone you're good. You can continue to spray that around your bed frames and such every 3 months as a preventative and you'll never get them again. That's what we have done ever since we got them once 5 yrs ago. We've never had them again since. What I stated above is what my husband did to treat our house. Since our house is so old and so huge heat treatment wouldn't work nor would regular pesticides. Our only other option would have been fumigation which would have cost us $4,000. So we decided to try that spray ourselves first and thank goodness it worked.

@Cori Renee M. Yes!!! This is the stuff

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