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My MIL didn’t reach out to me after i had my baby, she sent a text message 2 weeks later and didn’t even call. She doesn’t call me, not even to check up on her grandchild. Kind advice: anyone who doesn’t like you…would also never love your child no matter what. Y’all be careful who you leave your babies with because they pretend alot.
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I think it depends on the relationship you had before. My in laws and I have only ever really spoken through my husband or when he's there. They live abroad and visit 2-3 times a year. We like each other, we're just not super close and that's fine. My husband only speaks to them once a week or so at most. I wouldn't have expected them to message me separately when I had the kids. They congratulated us both when we called them to share the news. My family are really close and on constant contact so it was an adjustment for me but everyone is different!

Maybe she checks on you through your partner and doesn't believe she has to be checking on everyone individually.

I get on well with my mil but wouldn’t expect a message directly from her. We have a group chat or she would phone her son and talk through him. The way I like it tbh!

Mines the same i agree! Use to bother but since we have moved to own house the atmosphere has gone distant and wierd. Think she must be jealous!! The calls texts have also stopped but she contacts to my partner, the way i like it to be honest as iv seen diff side!! Last time i saw her was after xmas day when we told her our news im 22 wks preg with baby no3 she acted like she was over the moon and fake tears she said aww im happy for u as i no uv been tryin for long time. Part from that day nothink!! When baby born it be diff story get in touch want to be nosey see the baby … yeh ok love u can wait till i said its ok 🫡! Iv also been ill an trips to hosp durin this pregnancy they all no i havnet been keepin to well not a single text to see if im ok. Thats fine though as i know where i stand 😊 xx

Also no bother or contact with her other 2 grandkids eaither unless its a family event they attend they get talked to but i use to see the way she would look at my kids up an down! I kno 💯 she talks abou us behind our backs to her side of fam and friends .

My mother in law is amazing she calls me and checks in on me and also takes me to dr appointments and is also going to be in the delivery room with my husband and i when our daughter is born sooo happy i have her

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