How many ounces?

Hi, is 6oz too much for my month old? She guzzles it down but seems unsettled after her bottle. She is still sucking like crazy on her dummy when the bottle is finished. I’m wondering is there such a thing as overfeeding?
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What size teet has she got? Maybe try pace feeding?

My baby was a really good eater as well and was on 6 ozs by then as well health visitor said it was normal but we spaced it out a bit more as she was a very windy guzzling so gave her 2 oz burped her for about 10 minutes let her have another 2 burped her again

When my baby went for the 6-8 week check, they asked how many oz he drank I think it was 4oz the doctor said for his weight and on 25 centile he was over fed and should be on under 2oz per feed! 😳 I tried it and he was soooo hungry! Contacted my health visitor as the doctor made me feel like I was a bad mum over feeding him ect, my health visitor said if he’s hungry feed him! Every baby is different, doctors go by a guide online and it doesn’t work for all babies. My boy is very tall and loved his milk, if I followed the doctors advice he’d be starved and waste away. You know your baby best. Speak with your health visitor if you’re worried xx

@Beth She was on 1 but was spitting out loads at the side so changed her to 0 and she doesn’t spit out as much but is still quite unsettled after

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