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Can father file birth certificate without mother ? Me and her dad are separating after only 5 weeks of her being in this world so we didn’t file the certificate yet and now he took it , I’m terrified
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My understanding is that if you are not married the mother has to be present to register birth, he can only register the birth if you are married

I’m separated from my babies dad and when he’s born if I want dad I’m the birth certificate he has to be there else I can’t put him on it

Depending on what country u are in I know in England the father cannot do this unless they are married to the mother

First so sorry that u are going through that babe what a spiteful this to do and secondly no the only way a couple can do anything regarding a child legally like registration of a child is by two of you being in a civil partnership or marriage both of them things are registered so unless that’s the case then no you are okay if you are concerned just call up the registry office ur intending to go to and explain the situation probably not the first woman to go through this lovely ❤️❤️

In my state either parent can submit it and you don’t need both people on it to do so. What you’d have to do in my state is request to be added to it thru the courts they will give you a DNA test and then add you to it. Now in my state you automatically get rights once you sign the BC but not every state is like that some states you’ll have to ask the courts for rights

Mum has to be there, dad can't register without the mother

@Amy that’s not true for everyone everywhere because for example if mom dies during child birth they won’t have a death certificate for months how else would the dad register the baby’s birth.

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